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In my last article, we discussed the impact exercise has on your acne and your skin complexion. In general, working out is good for your skin, as it helps keep you healthy, helps remove toxins from your body, and helps to lower your stress levels. However, some people have found that excercising has actually increased their levels of outbreaks. Last time, we discussed some external reasons why this can be true, including wearing make-up or sunscreen while doing it, or even what clothing you wear.

Today, let’s look at three more things that can have an impact on your skin’s reaction to sweating and working out.

Acne exercise tip four: One of the easiest causes can be the equipment you are using. Certain kinds of equipment, especially the wearable kind, can cause undo friction on your skin, which in turn, causes acne. To avoid some of the more obvious ones, make sure that the helmet you are wearing is a good fit, and doesn’t slide around on your head or forehead. Also consider lining your helmet with soft, cotton fabric, such as an old t-shirt. If your exercise involves a wetsuit, make sure it isn’t too tight under your arms or in other areas. If you are using gym equipment that causes friction, make sure you are using it properly, or consider a different kind of exercise. The enemy here is friction, both in the equipment you are wearing, and that which you are using.

Acne exercise tip five: Another thing to avoid is moisture. No matter what your favorite exercise is, elliptical, playing tennis, hiking or rowing, do not sit around in the clothes you sweated in after you are done. Same goes for a wet bathing suit or wetsuit. Shower off as soon as possible, even before driving home, if available, and change into dry clothing. Blot, don’t wipe, the sweat off your body — not just your head and face — with a clean towel made of natural fibers. Wiping can irritate your skin more, and actually push sweat, makeup and sunscreen deeper into your pores.

Acne exercise tip six: Showering! It’s important to shower as soon as you can after excercising, immediately if possible. You should consider using an exfoliating cleanser, but it’s important to be gentle with your skin. Scrubbing hard isn’t going to get you any cleaner, and it won’t make your acne go away. In fact, it might irritate any existing outbreaks, or cause new ones, by irritating your pores. If you can’t get to a shower, you can always blot yourself clean using a clean towel, or by using medicated pads on your face, or even simply using a paper towel and some astringent.

It’s worthwhile to recognize that exercise is good for you and your skin for a lot of reasons, and you should keep it up. It’s an important part of your overall health, and keeping your body healthy will lead to keeping your skin healthy. Just watch out for factors that could cause you irritation, or make things worse, and enjoy your workout!


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